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National Security

Markova A.V. Virtual communicative confrontation between the United States and China

Abstract: This article is dedicated to the confrontation between the United States and China within the modern information communication networks. The author examines the current state of Chinas security from the perspective of the theory of information warfare. Main mechanisms of the manipulative methods of the psychological operations against China based on inducing within the mentality of an individual the symptoms of a borderline psychopathology are being analyzed. This article studies the tendency of a broad implementation of information technologies within the military facilities that provide cyber security in order to increase their level of combat capability. The author explores the use of information and virtual communication ways to influence the consciousness of citizens as an intrinsic part of modern international processes. The author comes to a conclusion that the United States and China gradually expand their capabilities in waging cyber and information-psychological warfare. These circumstances lead to an inevitable confrontation especially in the Pacific Rim, where China virtually has no adversaries who can compete in military or economic power.


manipulations, Peoples Liberation Army, National Security Agency, cyber security, USA, China, Internet, information warfare, information technologies, cyber warfare.

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