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The Institute of scientific reviewers is a structural division of the Academic Publishing Group “NOTA BENE” (OOO “NB-MEDIA”) which works in cooperation with the Slovak company “AURORA-GROUP s.r.o.” in the sphere of publishing services, IT- technologies and scientific research.

The Staff of the Institute provide services of reviewers, consultants, scientific opponents, academic advisors and experts, supporting the principles of secularity, humanity and democracy. The Staff does not involve in political or religious activities and propaganda.

The main goals of the Institute Staff: evaluation of scientific research works, support of researchers, facilitating promotion of scientific knowledge, uncovering the key tendencies and novelties in the sphere of scientific development, actualization of directions for scientific planning, development of systems aimed for higher efficiency of scientific work, systematizing information.

Based on above-mentioned principles the Staff of the Institute review, abstract, consult, provide expert evaluations, reports and materials for certificates and summaries. At the same time the Staff cooperates with the Publisher and the databases, as provided for their temporary use and necessary for this work. This work is aimed at the every possible assistance for scientists, libraries, higher education institutions and scientific centers for the purposes of improvement of information awareness and communications.