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«Culture and Art» (18+)
This journal was published prior to January 1, 2017 in a printed version and had an ISSN number: 2222-1956. Since January 1, 2017 the journal has transitioned to an e-journal, and now carries a new ISSN number: 2454-0625.

6 (37) (June, 2019)
Published since
2011 year
in "Russian Press"

The issue is now formed and will be published once the metadata is translated to English and undergoes technical verification. Therefore, all high-priority articles received after finalization of the current issue will be published in the following issue.
Founder: Danilenko Vasiliy Ivanovich, w.danilenko@nbpublish.com
Main editor: Rozin Vadim Markovich, Doctor of Philosophy, rozinvm@gmail.com
Art and Art History
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Culture and Cult
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