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About the Scientific Review Institute

The Scientific Review Institute is a structural division of the Academic Publishing Group “NOTA BENE” (OOO “NB-MEDIA”). Its formation serves the goals of improvement of scientific publication quality, and more efficient evaluation of research results in various spheres of science and legislative activities. Its work is aimed at the every possible assistance for scientific community and organizations, which provide systematization, monitoring, control, evaluation and certification of the results of scientific research.

The Staff of the Institute work on voluntary basis, and they follow the policy of the Institute and its moral standards. The Staff of the Institute is formed based on contests, and it is rotated.

Reviewing of the articles is based on double “blind” principle: “the author does not know the reviewer, and the reviewer does not know the author”. Only specialists within certain spheres of science with the scientific degree of Doctors of Sciences or PhDs are allowed to become reviewers.

The Institute also serves as a platform for finding scientific opponents.

The Institute staff may provide expertise of legal documents and give expert opinions.

The Institute staff may provide assistance to legislative drafting.