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Pedagogy and education

Bleykh N.O. Educational Concept of Georgy Baev (1860 1939), Prominent Ossetian Politician and the First Mayor of Vladikavkaz

Abstract: The subject of the study is the educational activity of the head of the city administration Georgy Baev whose activities have been ambiguously taken by the academic community until recently, more with the negative label of "the enemy of the Soviet government". However, while his public and political activitywas exposed by Caucasian historiographers rather well, his educational activities has been given far less attention. In this article the author tries to get rid of stereotypes that have been prevailing in science for many decades. It is time to redeem the good name to the aforesaid Ossetian activist and with good reason call him a distinguished son of Ossetia of his era, the first Ossetian economist, politician, publisher, folklorist as well as a fervent guardian of public education. The researcher has used the method of study and theoretical analysis of archival materials, scientific and literary sources. Analysis of Baev's journalistic materials on the history and didactics of the Ossetian school has allowed the author to make a conclusion about the progressive value of the ideas they put forward (humanization and democratization of school education, support of school education at the state level, continuous learning, transforming of school into the center of studies and educational work, development of the network of primary, secondary and higher institutions, etc.), which are still topical and can be used in modern education. The example of Georgy Baev's activities can teach the youth to love and respect their homeland, the place where they were born and live.


critic, literary critic, the city of Vladikavkaz, the first mayor, Ossetian leader, educational concept, Georgy Baev, educator, folklorist, North Ossetia

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