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International Law and International Organizations

Kostenko N.I. The role of United Nations in resolution of the problems of rule of law in confl ict states

Abstract: The goal of this research is to analyze the main vectors of the efforts of United Nations in strengthening the rule of law within countries. The author reviews the decades-long record of the organization in the area of conflict resolution. The main conclusions of the conducted research include: firstly, the pressing need for UN to give more attention to restoration and respect of the rule of law, and providing support for the rule of law within conflict states; secondly, the author underlines that UN should stress in its resolutions the necessity of a just court procedure in resolving problems pertaining to conflict situations. Thirdly, the author notices the need to recognize and respect the rights of the victims and defendants in accordance with international standards, taking into account the specific social groups, women, children, prisoners and other individuals who have suffered as a result of a conflict.


supporting justice, supporting the rule of law, UN standards, peacekeeping missions, UN Security Council, rule of law, problems in justice system, justice of the transitional period, International Criminal Court, justice reform

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This article written in Russian. You can find original text of the article here .
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