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National Security

Zelenkov M.Y. On the problems of fundamental categories of the theory of ensuring national security of the Russian Federation

Abstract: The subject of this research is the fundamental categories of the conceptual construct of the theory of ensuring national security. Based on a complex systemic analysis of the main regulatory documents related to national security of the Russian Federation the main significant problems have been revealed, characterized and systemized. The results acquired in the course of this research allow coming to a number of conclusions. Firstly, the political legal means of ensuring national security of Russia represent a territorially expansive legal base. Secondly, across its over 20 year history of development the fundamental concepts of the theory of ensuring national security, codified in federal laws and the Russian Federation Presidential Decrees, were never brought to a unified categorical construct. And thirdly, the concepts, terms and categories that are currently being implemented within the regulatory documents are fragmented, significantly differ in their nature and content, and do not fully reflect the essence of the processes that take place within the system of ensuring the national security of the Russian Federation. In conclusion, the author proposes ways of resolving the revealed problems.


security, national security, threat, Russian Federation, federal law, national security strategy, categories of national security, Security Council.

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