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National Security

Karpovich, O.G. Functions of the National Security Council within the system of formation of the US foreign policy.

Abstract: This article includes theoretical approaches towards the role and functions of the National Security Council in the formation of the US foreign policy at the global and regional levels, as well as the problems of competitions among the political forces of various directions, specific features and patterns in the formation of such competition, as well as their influence on the priorities in the sphere of the US foreign policy. The author offers a new approach to the process of decision- making in the sphere of foreign policy in the USA, and clarifies the role of two key actors: the Department of State and the National Security Council. The article also include evaluation of the factor of competition between them and its influence on the contents and directions of the US foreign policy.


political science, national security, foreign policy, international relations, the USA, the National Security Council, the Department of State, the political functions, conflicts, interests.

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