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Shelokhaev V.V. Stolypins type of modernizing Russia

Abstract: the article describes Stolypins (national and rational) type of modernization in Russia, analyzes the methodology of the Stolypins reforms, shows that Stolypin has created an integrated program of reform in Russia, based on the idea of connecting the state and freed personality into a united creative-oriented whole, driven by a common aim creation of the Great Russia. In a relatively short period of time Russia has achieved visible results in all spheres of life, in terms of economic growth in 1913th the country came to the first place in the the world, and the by the gross industrial output to the fifth place. After the death of Stolypin the transformation he planned continued, but the executors of his plans lacked his will and energy.


history, national history, the Stolypin reforms, holistic program, a national road, traditions, rational type of modernization, the rule of law, the release of "stanovyasheysya personality, " economic development.

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This article written in Russian. You can find original text of the article here .
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