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National Security

Shutov, A.D. The Belavezha Accords and the geopolitical positions of Russia.

Abstract: The article is devoted to the causes and bases for the Belavezha Accords, which have changed the geopolitical map of Russia and the whole world. Twenty years ago as a result of the Belavezha Accords the USSR was destroyed. Its liquidation should not be referred to as a disintegration, which is usually related to certain objective causes. The USSR was destroyed as a result of conscious activities of certain persons. The historical lessons, which the descendants have gotten is that even a great powerful state such as the USSR may come to the verge of destruction if the power in the state is in the hands of a comparatively small group of political adventurists, who pose their personal ambitions above the interests of the state and well-being of its people.


political science, the USSR, the USA, the Belavezha Accords, the destruction of the USSR, geopolitics, international relations, national security, confrontation, foreign policy.

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