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National Security

Ostroukhov, O.V. Political risk within an aspect of national security (bases for the optimization of political risk).

Abstract: The article includes an attempt to show the place of political risk within the system of national security of the state, which is the main goal of this article. From the point of view of studying the political risk, the author defines, firstly, the key threats (risks) of globalization to the state, secondly, he points out the growing value of optimization of economic relations between the federal centre and the regions, which in turn, presupposes the formation of supra-national, and regional subjects of economy, thirdly, the relations among nations and regions within federal formation become more topical in the sphere of stability and territorial integrity of the federation. The article shows that optimization of risky behavior should combine rational attitude to risks and prevention.


political science, risk, politics, security, national, social, personal, state, system.

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