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Philology: scientific researches

Kondakov, V. I. Rusalansky Vocabulary: Evenings on a Farm near Yurievka

Abstract: Based on the studies of the history of Russian culture during the 19th 20th centuries the author describes twists and turns in a struggle for and against Pushkin including apologies of Pushkin by Ap. Grigoriev (Our Everything) and Dostoevsky (talking about Pushkin), Mayakovski (Anniversary) and Tsvetaeva (My Pushkin) as well as odious examples of overturn of Pushkin as a faked authority. Significant place is given to the problem of modern modernistic and post-modernistic- interpretation of Pushkins creative work and image (Pushkin as a text of Russian culture of the 20th century). The author of the article raises quite a number of problems, - related both to theory and history and caused by the depreciation of the value of cultural phenomena due to the Russian revolution and a break of Russian culture into pre-revolutionary and after revolutionary, immigrants ad soviet, official and oppositional. Among these problems there are death of the author, absence of a hero, the idea of disturbed truth, cultural falsifications of the 20th century, playing with history, double translation This is where I. Kondakov sees the roots of formation of the Russian post-modernism.


philology, modernism, post-modernism, death of the author, culture, revolution, apology, hard times, history, messianism.

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