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Administrative and municipal law

Karpukhin, D.V. Eviction of tenants from the specialized housing: the problems of normative legal regulation and practice of its application

Abstract: the article is devoted to the problem of eviction of persons from the housing and housing and construction co-operatives. The author analyzes the defects of housing legislation in detail, and he also reviews the issue of application of analogy of law to the relations on eviction of users of specialized property of this type. At the end of the article, the author discusses the future development of legislation on eviction of people from the housing in such co-operatives. In the author’s point of view, one of the ways to avoid the existing gaps in the law is the typical contract of housing co-operative, which could be accepted at the federal level, and include detailed legal obligations of members of such co-operatives, which would simplify the legal judicial practice on eviction cases.


non-commercial legal person, housing co-operative, housing and construction co-operative, eviction, gap in the law, typical contract.

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