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PHILHARMONICA. International Music Journal

. : .., . .: -, 2014. 384 . ISBN 978-5-4458-6481-3

Naumov Aleksandr Vladimirovich

PhD in Art History

125009, Russia, g. Moscow, ul. Bol'shaya Nikitskaya, 13/6

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Abstract: Author of the book is Doctor of Arts, Professor of the Moscow State. Conservatory. Tchaikovsky Valentina Kholopova. The subject of the study was to academic art of music in general, considered from various sides: the history of the concept of "music", features music, musical image, music as a language, musical intonation. A particular focus of work was the musical content, making comparisons were set problems "content" with "semantics" and "hermeneutics", discussed the concept of special musical content - "special and non-special musical content", "three sides of the musical content." Contents also considered in the triad: composer, performer, listener. Connecting the psychological aspect summarized the problems of conscious and unconscious perception of music, psychological analysis of musical form. Introduced also axiological aspect, thanks to the development of criteria for the artistic value of music. The research methodology thus became an integrated, interdisciplinary, connected the theoretical and historical musicology, installation aesthetics, philosophy, semiotics, psychology, linguistics, axiology. The novelty of the work lies in the complexity of this methodology, will open a previously not shown properties of musical art - an aspect ratio of content in different eras, different composers and performers in different works, the distinction between musical eras on the basis of the canon and heuristics, the role of emotions in music, musical manifestation of intonation in the phenomena of Sonora and the sound of music as a language statement, establishing the role of the conscious / unconscious, typology of music listeners, the introduction of the original system of the artistic value of the music. Performance deserves translation into foreign languages, thanks to its fundamental nature, and lack of modern analogues in foreign musicology.


music, image, intonation, musical content, musical language, psychology of form, canon and heuristics, musician, music listener, artistic value

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