'The realization of M. Tsvetaeva's poetry in the choral concert "Trinity Day" by Y. Falik' PHILHARMONICA. International Music Journal nbpublish.com
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PHILHARMONICA. International Music Journal

The realization of M. Tsvetaeva's poetry in the choral concert "Trinity Day" by Y. Falik

Shikhragimova Emiliya Robertovna

Postgraduate student, Department of Humanities, Saratov State Conservatory named after L.V. Sobinov

410028, Russia, Saratovskaya oblast', g. Saratov, ul. Prospekt Kirova, 1




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Abstract: The name of the St. Petersburg composer Yuri Alexandrovich Falik is known both in Russia and abroad. He has created a large number of compositions in different genres. Falik pays considerable attention to choral music. His choral legacy is represented by a wide range of genres. These are miniatures, a choral concert, a poem and a choral cycle, Orthodox hymns and a Catholic ordinary mass. The range of the composer's poetic preferences is also rich. Falik refers to the poems of A. S. Pushkin, M. Y. Lermontov, A.A. Tarkovsky, A.I. Solzhenitsin, N. A. Klyuev, A.A. Akhmatova, N.S. Gumilev and M.I. Tsvetaeva. The article discusses the peculiarities of the implementation of the content of M. Tsvetaeva's poems by musical means in the choral concert "Trinity Day" by Yu. Falik. Starting from the folklore motifs embedded in the poems, Falik creates stylizations referring to Russian drawling songs, ditties, and the dialect characteristic of the folk tradition. The composer uses variation of melodic motifs, rhythmic variation, combines natural-fret means and chromatics, uses such techniques as choral staccato, glissando, imitation of instrumental tunes, introduces ostinate layers of sound. It is established that the composer managed to find such structural, melodic, rhythmic techniques and musical means that not only illustrate the content of the poems, but also reveal its new facets.


choral concert, Yuri Falik, Trinity Day, Marina Tsvetaeva, folklore tradition, choral music, poetry and music, chorus, musicality of poetry, music of the XX century

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