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Law and Politics

Problems of preserving the international legal status of Lake Baikal in the light of the analysis of the practice of excluding objects from the World Heritage List (Part 1)

Kolobov Roman Yurievich

PhD in Law

Associate Professor of the Department of International Law and Comparative Jurisprudence of the Irkutsk State University Law Institute; Associate Professor of the Department of Civil Law of the East Siberian Branch of the Russian State University of Justice; Head of the Fundamental Research Department of the Research Institute of Legal Protection of Lake Baikal of Irkutsk State University

664035; Russia, Irkutskaya oblast', g. Irkutsk, ul. Ivana Franko; 23a

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Ditsevich Yaroslava Borisovna

PhD in Law

Associate Professor, Department of Prosecutorial Oversight in Participation of the Prosecutor in Consideration of Civil and Arbitration Affairs, Irkutsk Law Insitute (branch) of the University of Prosecutor's Office of the Russian Federation

664035, Russia, Irkutskaya oblast', g. Irkutsk, ul. Shevtsova, 1

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Ganeva Ekaterina Olegovna

PhD in Law

Associate Professor of the Department of Civil Law of the Irkutsk State University Law Institute, Coordinator of the Youth Research Center of the Research Institute of Legal Protection of Lake Baikal of Irkutsk State University

664082, Russia, Irkutskaya oblast', g. Irkutsk, ul. Ulan-Batorskaya, 10

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Shornikov Dmitrii Vladimirovich

PhD in Law

Associate Professor, Head of the Department of International Law and Comparative Law of the Irkutsk State University Law Institute

664082, Russia, Irkutskaya oblast', g. Irkutsk, ul. Ulan-Batorskaya, 10

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Abstract: This research is the first part of the article, in which, based on the analysis of historical precedents, a study of the procedure for excluding UNESCO World Heritage sites from the corresponding World Heritage List is conducted. The authors highlight common problems in the protection of World Heritage sites, the interpolation of which in relation to such a World Natural heritage site as Lake Baikal creates prospects for preventing the occurrence of the most negative consequences. A detailed analysis of the difficulties in the conservation of World Heritage sites, which lead to the exclusion of objects from the World Heritage List, based on world experience, is proposed. In the work, one of the problems of preserving World Heritage sites, which served, in particular, as the main reason for the exclusion from the List of such an object as the Arabian Antelope Reserve, is called insufficient certainty, as well as insufficient clarity in establishing the boundaries of World Heritage sites. The authors substantiate this thesis and draw a conclusion about the importance of strict compliance by the participating countries with the norms formed in the main relevant international documents. In addition, it is noted that the exclusion of an object from the UNESCO World Heritage List may lead to the appearance of non-compliance of the object with the criteria of outstanding universal value.

Keywords: world heritage, arabian antelope reserve, environmental crime, environmental offenses, world heritage site, biological diversity, environmental protection, outstanding universal value, World Heritage List, UNESCO World Heritage Site
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