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Modern Education

Use of the video problem book in preparation of future teachers

Adaskina Anna Anatol'evna

PhD in Psychology

Docent, the department of Pedagogical Psychology named after Professor V. A. Guruzhapov, Moscow State University of Psychology and Education

127051, Russia, Moscow oblast', g. Moscow, ul. Sretenka, 29

Sanina Svetlana Petrovna

PhD in Pedagogy

Docent, the department of Pedagogical Psychology named after Professor V. A. Guruzhapov, Moscow State University of Psychology and Education

127051, Russia, g. Moscow, ul. Sretenka, 29

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Sokolov Vladimir Leonidovich

PhD in Psychology

Docent, the department of Pedagogical Psychology named after Professor V. A. Guruzhapov, Moscow State University of Psychology and Education

127051, Russia, g. Moscow, ul. Sretenka, 29




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Abstract: The subject of this research is the development of professional competencies of future elementary school teachers in the process of using video problem book (based on the material of math classes). The article discusses different methods of using video materials in preparation of students. An overview of foreign research on the topic is provided. It is noted that currently the methods of using video content are not sufficiently covered in the literature. The questions of which video fragments are better to use, how to include them into the educational process, what particular tasks they pursue, etc. remain unanswered. The article describes the experience of using video problem book as technique of teaching math to students, as well as future elementary school teachers. The author analyzes the work with the video problem book, an essential element of which is the use of “stop motion” technique in a problematic spots of the lesson. The article also presents the results of comparative research of academic performance of the groups of students: an experimental group that used video problem book, and a control group that that did not use video problem book in the educational process. The author picked the following competencies: diagnostic competence of the teacher, ability to make pedagogical decisions, and reflexivity. The implementation of video problem book in the educational process develops in students and future elementary school teacher the skills to make deliberate decisions in different learning situations.

Keywords: learning of mathematics, professional skills, diagnostic competence, junior student, bachelor student, video problem book, primary school teachers, teacher training, reflexivity, decision-making
This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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