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PHILHARMONICA. International Music Journal

“The music recurs…”. Interview with an Astrakhan composer Yu. P. Gontsov

Soboleva Elena Anatolievna

PhD in Philosophy

associate professor at Astrakhan State Conservatory

4140000, Russia, g. Astrakhan', ul. Sovetskaya, 23

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Abstract: The research subject of this interview is the creative work of a modern Astrakhan composer Yu.P. Gontsov, and the object is the history of Astrakhan music culture. The interview genre gives an opportunity to study musical creativity in great detail, from the inside, through the composer’s view of the influence of the music and non-music milieu. The author of the research gives special attention to Gontsov’s individual stylistic features (melodics, intervalics, rhythmics, harmonic plan, etc.), defining the style of his notating, and attempts to classify his vocal pieces. The author uses the method of interviewing (in-depth interview), the ideographic method (to prepare the materials), and systematization (to analyze the composer’s works). As the article is an interview, it doesn’t contain an explicit problematics which is to consider the composer’s creative work as an integral process of social interconnections. The questions used in the interview are essential as they help trace back the composer’s evolution - from direct influences to independent work. The author’s special contribution is the attempt to systematize the style language of the composer, and to classify his vocal pieces. The scientific novelty consists in a new method of studying such music material. 

Keywords: vocal compositions, melodic interval, melodic pattern, Gontsov, musical style, composer, music, melody, harmony, rhythmic
This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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