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Finance and Management

Approaches towards management of market capitalization of stock companies

Zemskova Irina

Docent, the department of Financial Markets and Banks, Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation

129164, Russia, Moskva, g. Moscow, ul. Kibal'chicha, 1




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The subject of this research is the approaches towards management of market capitalization of stock companies. The market capitalization is defined as company’s outstanding shares multiplied by the current market price of one share. The object of this research is the management of market capitalization of stock companies. The author meticulously examines such aspects of the topic as the management of market capitalization on the basis of controlling the price of a share and quantity of outstanding shares. Special attention is given to the theoretical approaches towards management developed by the foreign and Russian economists. The article also underlines methods of assessing capitalization management, based on market data and internal company data. A conclusion is made that there are three forms of capitalization management: within the framework of cost control on the company level; on the basis of share value control; on the basis of adjusting the quantity of outstanding shares, which in some research is attributed to cost control. Leaning on the analysis of the concepts of capitalization management, external and internal methods of capitalization management can be outlined. The author’s contribution consists in determination and synthesis of the key approaches towards management of market capitalization of stock companies.

Keywords: Methods of management of market capitalization, Reverse stock split, Stock split, Stock buyback, Market coefficients, Stock price, Value-based management, Market capitalization management, Market capitalization, Shares outstanding
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