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Historical informatics

Spatiotemporal Reconstruction of Hall 17 in the Winter Palace North-West Avant-Corps
Guk Dar'ya

PhD in Philology

Senior researcher at the Eastern Europe and Siberia Archeology Department of the State Hermitage 

190000, Russia, g. Saint Petersburg, nab. Dvortsovaya, 34
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The cultural heritage objects that have undergone major changes due to various historical events need modern approaches to their presentation and display, especially if there are no illustrative sources or such evidence should be collected bit by bit in archival documents and numerous scientific works.
The Winter Palace has a unique room closed for visitors where one can demonstrate the history of Russia, architecture and museum collections from the 18th to the 21st centuries. This study was based on a hypothesis that a three-dimensional computer model can be of use. Reconstruction and modeling are sure to result in a “time machine” which will demonstrate all the stages of architectural reconstructions, functional transformations and tell us about a historical environment determining these changes.  Never before the task for collecting all data in a computer model of the interior with information about the room decoration in order to create a virtual tour of the Winter Palace historical interior has been put forward. At the moment, it is impossible to predict what adjustments will be made to the museum plans at the time when these halls are renovated and become available to visitors, but it is desirable to study the complex of different sources in advance to make up a story about the history of one of the premises of the former Imperial residence with the help of modern technology.

Keywords: historical reconstruction, archive document, historical source, SketchUp, 3D-mode, Nicolas I, cabinet, interior, Winter Palace, information technologies



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