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Legal Studies

State-of-the Art Capabilities of Tracological Examination of Mechanical Damages on Clothes in Russia

Koglina Viktoriya Aleksandrovna

post-graduate student of the Department of Weapon Studies and Tracology at Moscow University of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia

117437, Russia, Moskva, g. Moscow, ul. Akademika Volgina, 12




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The article is devoted to methodological issues of carrying out a tracological examination of mechanical damages on clothes, in particular, cut or stab damages. The subject of the research is particular patterns of the process of marking formation of mechanical damages on clothes made out of modern fabrics. Bazarova focuses on the problem of discovering the relation between the type of fabric, weave pattern and morphological signs of damage left by weapons most frequently used in crime. The aim of the research is to analyze and develop methodological recommendations on how to investigate mechanical damage on clothes that are left by different types of marking formation. The methodological basis of the research includes scientific methods of judicial expertise, in particular, experimental and microscopical methods. The scientific novelty of the research is caused by the fact that the author has summarized and analyzed experience in tracological examinatin of damages on clothes, their role and importance for investigation of crimes. The experiments carried out by the author have revealed areas of concern and have allowed to make relevant recommendations and solutions. The author pays special attention to theoretical and practical recommendations on how investigate traces of damages on clothes. The practical importance of the research is that provisions, conclusions and recommendations presented by the author in this article may be of interest for students who study tracology and tracological examination as well as for practicing experts. 

Keywords: morphological feature, trace object, following object, stab damage, tracological examination, cut damage, thread weaving, mechanical damages, authentication, clothing material
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