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Genre Syncretism in Yury Nagibin's Story 'Fiery Protopope': on the Question about Leskov's Tradition in the Russian Prose of the Second Half of the XXth Century
Pakhtusova Varvara

Teacher of the Russian Language and Literature at International School of Tomorrow

117648, Russia, Moskva, g. Moscow, pr-d Sumskoi, 5, of. A


The article is devoted to the literary parallel between Leskov and Nagibin, the topic that has never been viewed before in earlier critical research despite the obvious existence of that parallel which was proved by confessions of Nagibin himself. The creativity of two writers is analyzed by the author of the article from the point of view of genre traditions. They prove that Nagibin often used Leskov's principles of genre syncretism. Based on the analysis of Nagibin's story 'Fiery Protopope', the author demonstrates how the writer worked with Leskov's genre model presented, in particular, in his novel 'One-Track Minded Person'. The methodological basis of the research includes theoretical research of M. Bakhtin, N. Leyderman, N. Tamarchenko, Yu. Tynyanov, V. Khalizev, L. Chernets and other researchers who viewed genre-related issues and touched upon the questions related to genre traditions. The author concludes that just like Leskov, Nagibin's story combined the features of a biographical essay, feuilleton, hagiography, and anecdote. Developing Leskov's genre model and expanding opportunities of the genre form, Nagibin brings a number of changes at the level of the genre content. The genre syncretism shown in Nagibin's texts generally reflects the trends typical for the literature of the second half of the XXth century and the reference to Leskov's texts reveals the sources of this tradition in the Russian literature and importance of the genre model that is based on the synthesis of different genre forms. 

Keywords: novelet, short story, genre analysis, literary parallel, Leskov, Nagibin, genre traditions, hagiography, anecdote, feuilleton



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