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Culture and Art

Poem of Seven Fairy Tales by V.M. Vasnetsov. Biographical context. Problem Statement.
Vasina Ekaterina Vladimirovna

post-graduate student at State Institute for Art Studies

125009, Russia, g. Moscow, per. Kozitskii, 5



The article is devoted to the study of Poem of Seven Fairy Tales (1901-1926), the only pictural cyclus in the art of V.M. Vasnetsov. The study aims to analyze the biographical context, which can reveal a personal aspect of the creative concept, what is especially important under the conditions of an almost complete absence of archival documents related to the concerned fairytale works. The story of the creation of the Poem of Seven Fairy Tales is examined in the context of the artist's world view, his creative and public activity in the first quarter of the XX century, which predetermined the vector of the creative idea development. The biographical method and the method of reconstruction were chosen as a methodological base, which allows achieving the set goals. The article recreates the history of the Poem of Seven Fairy Tale and identifies the stages of the artist's work on the paintings. For the first time, the idea that the starting point for the addition of the idea of Poem of Seven Fairy Tales was Vasnetsov's unsuccessful performance at the world exhibition in Paris in 1900, which prompted him to create a great and truly national work, is offered. There are three stages in the story of the creation of the Poem of Seven Fairy Tales: paintings of middle 1910-s - Sleeping Princess, The Princess Who Never Smiled, and Kashchei the Immortal - are devoted to the reconstruction of the old Russian world, and also to the religious and philosophical thoughts of the artist; works of 1917-1918 - Baba-Yaga and Frog Princess - became a specific artist's reflection on current events; in final works of 1920-s - Magic Carpet and Sivka-Burka - the attitude of Vasnetsov, who renounced the hardships and plunged into the world of fairy-tale dreams at his declining days, was reflected.

Keywords: Frog Princess, Baba-yaga, The Princess Who Never Smiled, Sleeping Princess, Poem of Seven Fairy Tales, Viktor Vasnetsov, Russian art, Kashchei the Immortal, Sivka-Burka, Magic Carpet



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