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Modern methodology of combat techniques self training by internal affairs bodies agents
Nasadyuk Evgenii Valer'evich

Senior Lecturer at the Department of Tactical and Social, Weapons and Physical Training of the Far East Institute of Law of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, Vladivostok Branch

692506, Russia, Primorskii krai, g. Ussuriisk, ul. Okhotnich'ya, 1a
Simontovskii Aleksandr Petrovich

Lecturer at the Department of Tactical and Special Training and Weapons Practice of the Far East Law Institute of the Ministry of internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, Vladivostok Branch

690087, Russia, g. Vladivostok, ul. Kotel'nikova, 21



The article analyzes the problem of the improvement of combat techniques self training by internal affairs agents. The authors take into consideration both the traditional methods of technical and tactical and strategic actions (including the revision of the sequence of embracing exercises), and the innovative trends. The article considers the reasons for increasing attention to the level of physical and tactical training of the internal affairs bodies agents, offers the ways to improve the traditional self training strategy, and considers the innovative aspects of the modern self training methodology. The research methodology is based on the analysis the scientific works on this issue and the practical experience. The authors conclude that the current level of physical training of the agents of internal affairs bodies of the Russian Federation is not up to par and needs to be improved and modernized. It is particularly important to promote self training and improve the physical condition of the personnel.

Keywords: Special preparatory exercises, physical qualities, disarming intruderlaw, innovation aspects, traditional methods, ATS employees, learning combat techniques, self-training technique, ideomotor training, training potential



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