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PHILHARMONICA. International Music Journal

The first “Sequenzas” by Luciano Berio: concept and interpretation

Petrov Vladislav Olegovich

Doctor of Art History

Professor, the department of Theory and History of Music, Astrakhan State Conservatory

414000, Russia, Astrakhanskaya oblast', g. Astrakhan', ul. Sovetskaya, 23

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Abstract: “Sequenzas” is a unique cycle that is a landmark not only for the work of Luciano Berio, since it combines the brightest elements of innovatory understanding of the author’s music performance, but also for the global musical art, since, together with his “Sinfonia” (1968), it has become the symbol of the Postmodernist esthetics. The research subject is the most popular among composers the thirst three Sequenzas, which are among the most significant ones in the composer’s body of work. The openness of the form and content, the use of arts synthesis within one instrumental piece, penetration of a word into the instrumental form (verbal reference to the genre of instrumental composition), poly-stylistics, decorating one piece of music with the variety of a language palette, the diversity of not only the performer’s interpretations of each composition, but also of a listener’s comprehension, the use of new principles of notation connected with aleatory music - all these signs of Postmodernism are represented in “Sequenzas” fully enough, and are demonstrated in this article in the analysis of particular compositions of the cycle, and the most representative of them are the first three ones. This article analyzes these works of the composer.

Keywords: stage dramaturgy, fine art, the content of art, musical art, theory of music, philosophy of music, musicology, art history, 20th century music, spatial music
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