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Rock Musician as the Author of Prose: Methodological Notes, Relation of Sound and Text Based on Michael Gira's Creative Writing
Kharlamova Sofiya

post-graduate student of the Department of Russian and Foreign Literature at Tyumen State University

625000, Russia, Tyumenskaya oblast', g. Tyumen', ul. Respubliki, 9, aud. 402



The article is devoted to the interaction between a text and music in the creative writing of a rock musician who is the author of prose and composer of songs at the same time. The subject of the research is the intermedial links between text and music and relation between text and musical composition as well as specific features of the representation of sound inside a text and its meaning in poetics of a literary piece. The research material is the collections of short stories written by an American rock musican and independent performing musician Michael Gira, studio albums and performances of the Swans rock band. The research is based on intermedial and comparative research methods. Kharlamova also makes general remarks regarding the definitino of the term 'fictional prose of rock musicians' and analysis of the verbal component of rock compositions. The novelty of the research is caused by the fact that intermedial connections are traced by the author from the point of view of their relation to fiction and popular music (independent experimental music in this case) as well as their opposition to the academic music. The research singularity is that the researcher analyzes the creative system of one author who writes music, texts of his songs and fictional prose. Kharlamova discovers aesthetical links between fictional prose and musical composition as well as representatino of audio and musical images in short stories and their role in the poetics of collections. The researcher also describes the general tendencies in prose and music of one author. As a conclusion, the author emphasizes the importance of sound and music in the literary world of short stories and close aesthetical connection between finctional text and musical compositions. Addressing to the interaction between a literary text and experimental music allows to significantly expand the concept of intermedial links of literature and music in particular and the concept of musicality in literature in general. 

Keywords: USA literature, Swans, poetics, Michael Gira, intermediality, rock music, popular music studies, fiction by rock musicians, USA music, American short story



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