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Nikolay Gogol's Note in M. Vlasova's Album: the Dating Problem
Antonova Mariya Sergeevna

post-graduate student of the Department of History of the Russian Literature at Lomonosov Moscow State University

119991, Russia, g. Moscow, Leninskie gory, GSP-1





The subject of the research is Nikolay Gogol's note left in M. Vlasova's (sister's of Z. Volkonskaya) album. This is the note that demnstrates the writer's gift in literary 'trifles'. Antonova analyses the main themes of V. Arutyunova's and R. Yakobson's article 'An unknown album page by Nikolaj Gogol'. The author raises a question about the dating of Gogol's note as well as analyzes intertextual links to other works written by Gogol, in particular, common motifs and references to the second volume of Dead Souls. The main research method used by the author is the structural analysis of the text as well as analysis of information about the owner of the album and dating of the note. The main outcome of the research is the systematization of information about M. Vlasova and her relationship with Gogol. By discovering intertextual links to other Gogol's writings, for example, missing chapters to the second volume of Dead Souls, plays 'Theatre Trip' and 'Extract' and Rome letters, the author of the article extends the borders of possible dating of the aforesaid album note. 

Keywords: Gogol, russian literature, biography, dating, album note, album culture, Vlasova, Princess Volkonskaya, syntax, logical metonymy



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