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Historical informatics

About the Necessity to Establish and Develop a Fund of Spatial Historical Data
Vladimirov Vladimir

Doctor of History

Professor, the head of document studies, archival studies and historical information science department at Altai State University 

aud. 312, 61, prospekt Lenina, g. Barnaul, Altaiskii krai, Russia, 656049



Krupochkin Evgenii Petrovich

PhD in Geography

Assistant Professor, the Department of Economic Geography and Cartography, Altai State University 

656049, Russia, Altaiskii krai, g. Barnaul, ul. Prospekt Lenina, 61, aud. 502M



The article addresses the creation and development of a spatial historical data fund. Nowadays we can talk about the readiness of the community of historical geoinformatics specialists to cooperate in the field of data storage and use. The article discusses similar studies both in domestic and foreign historiography. The authors propose a way to create a system for managing spatial historical data, consider some problems arising herewith and make suggestions about possible solutions. The main message of the article is that the amount of studies based on geo-information technologies has clearly begun to outnumber the quality. The article uses descriptive and historiographic methods. The main conclusion is the creation of a historical geoportal which, together with a historical spatial data fund, can be integrated into the national spatial data infrastructure. It seems that the idea to develop a historical geoportal should ground on both the convenience of fund navigation and the ability to perform analytical operations.

Keywords: information, technology, database, data, spatial, repository, historical geoinformatics, standard, map, layer



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This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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