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The Number and Structure of Workers in Russian Pipe Factories at the Beginning of the 20th Century: a Source Study Analysis
Akimov Anton Viktorovich

Director of Government Relations, Joint-Stock Company "Kordinat"

115054, Russia, g. Moscow, ul. Valovaya, 26, of. 7
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The article presents a source study analysis of the statistical compilation "The Iron Industry of Southern Russia" for the years 1902 - 1915, and the publication "A Collection of Statistical Information on the Mining Industry of Russia" for the years 1901 - 1911, in relation to the number of workers, their allocation in manufactories and employment occupation. The study's research subject is an in-depth study of the quantitative data concerning the workers presented in the named sources. The author examines in detail the quality and accuracy of the information regarding the number of workers in factories, their allocation in workshops, accommodation and marital status in sections of annual and monthly values. In order to determine the relative accuracy of the number and distribution of workers in manufactories, the author applied mathematical methods. In particular, the author compared the data of various Source tables with the aim of identifying possible inaccuracies and errors, with the Source tables also being subjected to cross-checking. The study's main conclusions are the identification of inaccuracies in the sources' calculations and the detection of typographical errors, the elimination of these faults and the use of corrected data which significantly improves the quality of the original historical material. Additionally, the author proves that the existing errors and inconsistencies do not adversely affect the use of the source content, and their total number and proportion is extremely small in reference to the whole volume of quantitative data, which therefore allows the author to recognize that the collections in question are reliable sources of information.

Keywords: Analysis, Factory, Pipes, Period, Structure, Composition, Workers, Source, Early 20th century, Southern Russia



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Zheleznaya promyshlennost' Yuzhnoi Rossii v 1902-1914 gg. – Khar'kov: tip. B. Bengis, 1905-1917.
Sbornik statisticheskikh svedenii o gornozavodskoi promyshlennosti Rossii v 1901-1911 gg.: Sost. po ofits. dannym.-Petrograd: Gornyi uchen. kom., 1904-1918