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Philosophical Thought

Value conflict: the establishment of dystopia
Andreev Gleb Sergeevich

Post-graduate student, the department of Culturology, Philosophy of Culture and Aesthetics, Saint Petersburg State University

195297, Russia, Leningradskaya oblast', g. Saint Petersburg, ul. Timurovskaya, 15



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The subject of this research is freedom as the value in utopian, dystopian oeuvres, and modern world. The article is dedicated to consideration of one of the factors of emergence and popularity of dystopian genre in modern culture. Analysis of the concept of freedom of the English utopian texts reveals the meaning of freedom in establishment of the utopian society. The English utopian tradition was selected as the source material for the analysis due to its rich history and extensive number of texts for the research. The goal of this work lies in the attempt to trace a correlation between the establishment of dystopia and transformation of the perception of freedom as value, the relation to which significantly changed since the middle of the XX century, as well as undergoes transformations in modern society. In this article, the concept of freedom is used for understanding the historical turn from the genre of utopia towards the genre of dystopia within the European culture. The relevance of this publication is substantiated by the current enormous popularity of dystopian genre. It is concluded that one of the causes of elevation of the dystopian genre is the value conflict between a modern individual and society.

Keywords: tradition, Morris, Simmel, More, value, freedom, anti-utopia, utopia, modernity, crisis
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