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Genesis: Historical research

Mongolian-Korean relations in the XX century

Grigor'eva Yuliya Gennad'evna

PhD in History

senior researcher at Institute of Mongolian Studies, Buddhist Studies and Tibetan Studies of the Siberian Department of the Russian Academy of Sciences

670002, Russia, respublika Buryatiya, g. Ulan-Ude, ul. Buiko, 20a

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The subject of this research is the history of establishment and dynamics of Mongolian-Korean relations, changes in the form and line of cooperation, as well as the peculiarities of bilateral interaction in the XX century. The establishment and development of Mongolian-Korean relations in the XX century took place in the terms of the replacement of several international systems, world wars and revolutions. Historical studies of the cooperation between Mongolia and the Republic of Korea in the XX century is of prime importance for examination of the evolution and current situation in the Mongolian-Korean relations. Methodological foundation contains the general scientific and special research methods: comparative-historical analysis allowed familiarizing with the problem state according to the materials from various sources; contrastive-comparative method allowed conducting synthesis, analogy, systematization of facts, events and phenomena, as well as generalization of data that illustrates the vector and dynamics of development of the relations between Mongolia and the Republic of Korea; chronological method was aimed at determination of the stages of establishment and advancement of cooperation, and qualitative changes in this process; logical method defined the problems and trends in studying the history of Mongolian-Korean relations. The scientific novelty consists in introduction of historical analysis of the Mongolian-Korean relations in the XX century using the relevant and insufficiently studied material in Mongolian and Russian languages. This allowed to objectively assess the process of establishment and development of bilateral cooperation, as well as observe its new facets.

Keywords: The Mongolian People's Revolutionary Party, Korean War, DPRK, mongolian-korean relations, Republic of Korea, Mongolia, world history, Mongolian government, North Korea, archive of Mongolia
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