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Genesis: Historical research

The insight into nature and geography in testimonies of the participants of Francis Drakes circumnavigation of the earth
Mikheev Dmitry Vladimirovich

PhD in History

Docent, the department of World History, Herzen State Pedagogical University of Russia; Docent, the department of World History and Area Studies, Pskov State University

180006, Russia, Pskovskaya oblast', g. Pskov, ul. Leona Pozemskogo, 6, kab. 207





This publication is dedicated to the events related to the course of circumnavigation of Francis Drake. Special attention is given to the reports on nature and geography made by the participants of expedition. The remarkable natural phenomena, new specimen of animals and plants, aboriginal lifestyle in the remote countries aroused genuine interest among the explorers. They describe the flying fish, astonishing bids that cannot fly, and meticulously analyze the expedition route, weather conditions and geographical peculiarities of the visited places. The research leans on the historical-genetic method that allows tracing the formation of perception of the circumnavigation participants on nature and geography; the comparative method helps to determine the common features and specifics of the New World and other foreign territories formed in the mind of Drake’s companions. The Age of Discovery opened an unfamiliar world for the representatives of the Old Continent, which they were eager to cognize and explore in the XV-XVII centuries. The discoveries made in Francis Drake’s circumnavigation helped to describe the previously unexplored by the Europeans parts of the globe, unusual natural phenomena, and little-known specimen of plants and animals. Testimonies of the participants can be rightfully considered an important source on the history of geographical discoveries of the XVI century.

Keywords: nature, Strait of Magellan, Nuno da Silva, Edward Cliff, John Cook, Francis Pretty, Francis Fletcher, Francis Drake, Circumnavigation, geography



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