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PHILHARMONICA. International Music Journal

Tristan Murail's 'Revolution of Complex Sounds'

Litvinova Ol'ga Aleksandrovna

post-graduate student of the Department of the Theory and History of Music at Astrakhan State Conservatory

414038, Russia, Astrakhanskaya oblast', g. Astrakhan', ul. Khibinskaya, 6, of. 23

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Abstract: This article is devoted to a fundamental work of a famous French composer, spectral music representative Tristan Murail 'Revolution of Complex Sounds'. In her research Litvinova tries to provide an in-depth review of the composer's aesthetic views and concepts and demonstrate the main principles of his attitude to the sound and sound environment of modern music art in general. These views include the influence of electro-accoustic music on the creation of a new sound, i.e. composition of music using studio equipment; new approach to the sound and new ways of the sound creation, use of overtones, enrichment of composition techniques with new sounds such as noise and percussion instruments. The novelty of the research is caused by the fact that until this moment music researches have not focused on Tristan Murail's compositions as they deserve. For the first time in the literature Murail's aesthetic positions are viewed from the point of view of his creativity and composing. The article will be of interest for music experts, performers and non-specialist audience.

Keywords: postmodernism, avant-garde, spectral music, spectralism, musical aesthetics, creative method, birth of new music, Tristan Murail, contemporary music, art history
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