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Law and Politics

Purpose of creating pretrial reconciliation procedure in the continental and Anglo-Saxon law

Makarenko Natal'ya Nikolaevna

Lawyer, GRAD Legal and Financial Advisory Services

140030, Russia, Moskovskaya Oblast' oblast', pgt. Malakhovka, ul. Sovetskaya, 20




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The subject of this research is the European, American and Russian legal experience in the area of pretrial reconciliation procedure (mediation). In particular, the author examines the historical path of the development of the institution of mediation on Europe, United States and Russia, as well as the modern European, American and Russian achievements in this regard. A detailed analysis is conducted on the causes and purpose of creating of such regulatory procedure; attention is turned to the various factors of their creation in the continental and Anglo-Saxon law. Methodological base is structure on the general scientific method of cognition, which reflects the correlation between the theory and law enforcement practice; a comparative legal method allows viewing the theoretical insights and pretrial proceedings, as well as the extensive practical application of mediation. The main conclusion lied in identification and analysis of the priority trends in development of the institution of mediation in Europe, United States and Russian Federation. The author reveals that the causes for creating such procedures in the continental and Anglo-Saxon law vary: if the United States attempts to broaden the access of citizens to justice, the European states pursued a different goal – to relieve the court system from the excessive amount of legal proceedings.

Keywords: conflicting parties, arbitrator, judicial reconciliation, regulatory framework, legal experience, mediator, mediation, pre-trial reconciliation, alternative dispute resolution, cross-border disputes
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