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Politics and Society

Political orientations of Moscow student youth

Litvinova Tatiana Nikolaevna

Doctor of Politics

Professor, the department of Regional Administration and National Policy, Odintsovo Branch of the Moscow State Institute of International Relations of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia

143007, Russia, Moskovskaya Oblast' oblast', g. Odintsovo, ul. Novo-Sportivnaya, 3

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The subject of this research is the political orientations of Moscow student youth, which manifest as the factors of inclusion of young people into the sociopolitical processes. The object is the student youth of the capital – those, who most likely will join the ranks of the political, economic and cultural elite of the country. The author describes in detail the key theoretical approaches towards studying the political orientations and social attitudes of the youth in foreign and national literature. Special attention is given to the research results of political activeness and social landmarks of the young people in various countries: United Kingdom, United States, China, and Russia. The dependence of the political views and activeness of the youth from their social environment is determined. The empirical base for this work served the online survey conducted among the university students of Moscow (n=384); methodological foundation includes the approaches of G. Almond and S. Verba: the identification of cognitive, affective and value levels of political orientations of the youth. The scientific novelty lies in the empirical proof that the capital students are characterized by the low interests in politics, weak political activeness, loyalty to the government, and low level of protest moods. Among the ideological-political orientations prevails the adherence to the principles of social justice, while the free market principles share less than a quarter of the respondents.

Keywords: patriotism, political participation, ideological attitudes, political orientations, Moscow, youth, students, trust in power, protest moods, youth policy
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