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International Law and International Organizations

Certain problems in activity of the Committee on Regional Trade Agreements
Vidus Denis

The department of International Law, Diplomatic Academy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation

119021, Russia, Moskva, g. Moscow, ul. Ostozhenka, 53/2 str. 1





Discussions regarding the impact of regional trade agreements (RTA) have exceeded the framework of theoretical polemics long ago. RTA are of great importance for the international trade overall. Yet there are multiple gaps in legal regulation of the questions concerning execution and effect of the regional trade agreements that should be addressed. One of such gaps is the functioning of the Committee on Regional Trade Agreements (CRTA). The relationship between RTA and WTO, which are the object of this article, carry a horizontal character that affects the international trade overall. Despite the fact that the states engaged in RTA reduced the functions of CRTA to mere formality, the Committee on Regional Trade Agreements, which manifests as a subject of this research, remains a significant element within the system of WTO. The conclusion is made on the need for amending legal regulation of the activity of CRTA for increasing its efficiency, which would have a positive impact upon the international trade system. The author suggest specific formulization of the Articles GATT-94 that are essential for filling the gaps.

Keywords: Custom Union, GATT, International Trade, DSB, WTO Commettee, WTO, Regional Trade Agreements, Integration, Free Trade Area, Common Market



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