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PHILHARMONICA. International Music Journal

The Perspectives of The Journal Development

Petrov Vladislav Olegovich

Doctor of Art History

Docent, the department of Theory and History of Music, Astrakhan State Conservatory

414000, Russia, Astrakhan, Sovetskaya Street 23

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Dear readers and authors of "PHILHARMONICICA International Music Journal"! The year of 2018 is the period of the Journal policy reform. According to the new requirements, the Journal accepts articles in specialty 17.00.02. – «Musical Art». The Editorial Board consists of the leading experts in the field of musicology (both domestic and foreign) who have made a meaningful contribution to the development of the science. We incourage academic musicologists – Doctors and Candidates of Sciences, Professors, Associate Professors, Professors of Secondary and Higher Musical Education Institutions, graduate students, undergraduates to publish articles in "PHILHARMONICA. International Music Journal" in 2018! Each Journal issue will be an event in the field of musicology and will consist of at least 7-8 scientific articles. We remind you that all articles are to undergo mandatory review and Anti-Plagiarism check. You can submit an article to the journal via your personal account after registration on the website of NOTA BENE Publishing House in the Author's section. The articles’ submission requirements are listed on the official website of the journal at the following link: http://e-notabene.ru/phil / The Journal is registered in the ISSN international Centre. It has the following ISSN: 2453-613X. The Journal is included into the largest credible international database ERIH PLUS, it assigns the international universal identification number DOI to all published articles, it is included into the Russian Science Citation INDEX (RSCI), is registered in The Scientific Electronic Library (NEB). 

Keywords: column, Chief Editor, citation, musical art, music, art history, Philharmonica, Journal, prospects, development
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Sobakina O.V. Kolonka glavnogo redaktora // PHILHARMONICA. International Music Journal. — 2016.-№ 2.-S.1-2. DOI: 10.7256/2453-613X.2016.2.20123. URL: http://e-notabene.ru/phil/article_20123.htm