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Choral Works by He Luting

Zagidullina Dilbar Renatovna

PhD in Art History

Associate Professor at Kazan State Conservatory named after N.G. Zhiganov

420015, Russia, g. Kazan', ul. B.krasnaya, 38

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U Musyao

University Teacher, Jiangsu Pedagogical University

212013, Kitai, g. Chzhen'tszyan Shi, ul. Tszinkou Qu Xuefu, 301




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The article considers choral works by He Luting (He Luting, 1903-1999) — a great Chinese composer, musician-theorist, teacher, public figure, who had a considerable influence on the development of musical culture of China, the author of a large number of diverse works for orchestra, piano, and chorus (approximately 48 pieces). He Luting also wrote music for films. There are several works in Chinese focused on his life and work, but there is no such a research in Russian. The choral works by the composer haven’t been given any special consideration both in Chinese and Russian musicology. The first section of the article describes the main biographical landmarks of the composer, the second section analyses the choral works by He Luting. "The Collection of Choral Works" is a collection of twenty-three works written in the forty-four years period, which were collected and prepared for publication by the composer himself. The article analyses themes, features of the performing line-up, composition, musical language, as well as choral texture of the compositions.

Keywords: pentatonic, Shanghai Conservatory, He Luting, choral song, music for choir, Chinese composer, Chinese music, modern music, biography, theory of musical composition
This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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