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PHILHARMONICA. International Music Journal

Types of Music: Light Music and Solemn Music (Exploring the Conception of Theodor Adorno)

Petrova Yuliya Sergeevna

University teacher, Astrakhan Musial College named after M.P. Mussorgsky, adviser, Russian Academy of Natural Sciences

414000, Russia, g. Astrakhan', ul. Molodoi Gvardii, 3

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The object of this article is the research of sociology of music  made by the famous German philosopher and musical expert Theodor Adorno. The article considers the views of the scientist on the phenomenon of music and its division into two types (two forms) - the mass and the elite one. According to Adorno, the said division lies at the heart of all music, which affects the genre, language and content conceptions of each individual piece of music. The article traces the statements and theories of Adorno; a typology of kinds of music is produced. The main method used in the article is a method of complex analysis that allows the author to encompass Adorno’s works and studies of different years within the scope of one work in order to trace the evolution of his views. The novelty of the work lies in the fact that specificity of music classification introduced by Adorno has not been adequately covered in musicology yet. And, despite its remoteness in time, the classification of the scientist is still highly relevant and requires more generalization and application in science.

Keywords: mass music, classification, kinds of music, theory of music, philosophy of music, sociology of music, Theodor Adorno, elite music, serious music, musicology
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