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Software systems and computational methods

Automated information system for analyzing the state of documentary support for organization management
Korovina Lyudmila Vladimirovna

PhD in Technical Science

assistant, Department of Information Provision of Management and Production, Penza State University

440068, Russia, Penzenskaya oblast', g. Penza, ul. Pushanina, 46
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Usmanova Irina Viktorovna

PhD in Technical Science

assistant professor, Department of Automated Control Systems and Software, Penza Artillery Engineering Institute

440000, Russia, Penzenskaya oblast', g. Penza, ul. Suvorova, 146
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The subject of the research of the article is the actual task of analyzing the state of the documentation support of the management of the organization. In the conditions of modern society, this task becomes particularly acute, since the effectiveness of managing the organization as a whole depends on the proper organization of the DOE system. At the moment there is no uniform methodology for solving this problem, and the existing approaches are subjective. To solve this problem, an automated information system has been developed that allows solving the following tasks: 1) building a knowledge base that captures empirical patterns between the emergence of individual indicators of the state and their probabilistic characteristics; 2) the adaptation of the system to the peculiarities of the current situation and the requirements of the employee performing the analysis; 3) identification of violations in the work with documents and implementation of business processes; 4) identification of indicators of the state of pre-school management and the efficiency of business processes, which may later take on unsatisfactory significance; 5) the provision of recommendations for the elimination of violations. The study used the methods of knowledge engineering, mathematical modeling, graph theory, probability theory, object-oriented programming. As a result of the research, a prototype of an automated information system for analyzing the state of pre-school educational institutions is described in detail, the main functional capabilities of its program modules are described. The procedure of interaction with the system of knowledge engineer and end user is considered. The correctness of the functioning of the AIS prototype is confirmed by successful test tests on the example of the activities of a commercial organization transporting goods both domestically and abroad.

Keywords: theorem Bahasa, knowledge engineering, software modules, components of AIS, automated information system, analysis of DOU, active focus, prior probability, engineer knowledge, final user
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