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PHILHARMONICA. International Music Journal

Instrumental One-Man Performance: On the Question about the Synthesis of Arts

Petrov Vladislav Olegovich

Doctor of Art History

Docent, the department of Theory and History of Music, Astrakhan State Conservatory

414000, Russia, Astrakhan, Sovetskaya Street 23

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Abstract: The object of the research is the instrumenal one-man or one-woman performance, the genre that is attributable to post-modernism aesthetic and comprises the general system of performance genres. The author of the article examines aspects of the synthesis of arts that forms a ritual space of instrumental one-man performance, the balance of music and word, music and event, music and theatre with their decorations and stage requisites. This balance implies transformation of a single instrumental composition into a true theatre action that is based on the principles of theatre but not music. Nevertheless, this theatre effect does not reduce the importance of instrumental compositions such as in compositions by R. Erickson, F. Rzewski, L. Berio, K. Stockhausen and I. Sokolov. The researcher applies the integral approach to studying the matter and bases his research on the integral analysis of particular music-and-theatre works. The majority of compositions are analysed for the first time in the academic literature. The scientific novelty of the research is also caused by the fact that the author defines particular composers' styles and concepts. The main question of the research is why a composer uses theatre effects in his or her instrumental music. As his answer to this question, Petrov offers his theory that theatre effects with the theatralisation of the stage space used by composers (from the word to stage props) are typical for post-modernism composers whose creative work was closely connected with the idea of performance and who wanted to reveal the programming content that is usually hidden in music. 

Keywords: dramatization, concept, synthesis of arts, monospace, performance, instrumental theater, postmodernism, stage dramaturgy, instrumentalism, spatial music
This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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