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Controlled Purchase as an Instrument of State Control in Health Care
Roshchin Denis

PhD in Medicine

lead researcher at the National Research Institute of Public Health named after N.A. Semashko

125315, Russia, Moskva, g. Moscow, ul. Baltiiskaya, 14, kab. 301
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The aim of the research is to develop tactics for applying a new tool of state control, controlled purchase, in health care. Roschin carries out an analysis of Russian statutory regulation and makes an attempt to offer a complex solution of issues that may raise in the process thereof. The author describes essential differences between controlled purchase and test purchase applied as part of state surveillance. The controlled purchase is a tool that differs from the audit and is carried out on the basis of the risk-oriented approach as well as in cases when news came that there is a threat for life and health of citizens. The need to apply the aforesaid tool is usually defined during supervision over the turnover of pharmaceutical products and medical goods and the quality and safety of medical activities. In case of violations of mandatory requirements, the result of applying the tool should be the issuance of citation or initiation of administrative proceedings. Currently, no changes have been made to federal laws that would define the procedure of state control in particular spheres which gives time to resolve procedural matters of controlled purchases. 

Keywords: safety, quality, medical products, narcotic drugs, drugs, public health, state surveillance, Controlled purchase, medical practice, state control



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