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PHILHARMONICA. International Music Journal

Principles of musical dramaturgy of the violin concerts of Henri Vieuxtemps as a reflection of romantic aesthetics

Chebotareva Yuliya

Post-graduate student, the department of History and Theory of Performing Art, State Classical Academy named after Maimonides

115035, Russia, Moscow, Sadovnicheskaya Street 52/45

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This article examines the issue of style definition in the work of the renowned XIX century Belgian violinist-virtuoso and composer Henri Vieuxtemps. The subject of this research is Henri Vieuxtemps’ concerts for violin with orchestra, reviewed from the position of determination of the “symphonization” principles of the musical dramaturgy of these oeuvres. The theoretical analysis is conducted on the First, Fourth, and Fifth violin concerts, in which, based upon synthesizing the virtuoso-romantic and symphonic origins, the composer vividly expounds the principles of dramaturgical development that reflect the essence of musical aesthetics of the Romantic era. The scientific novelty is defined by several factors: based on the analysis of his compositions, this article is first to give the typology of style coordinates of the work of Henri Vieuxtemps; the author introduces the details of the peculiarities of the musical dramaturgy of his concepts, which allow substantiating the conclusions about the innovative aspects of the interpretation of the violin concert genre in the work of Henri Vieuxtemps. As a result of the conducted research, the author creates an analytical base, which contains the conclusions on the maneuvers of symphonization of the musical dramaturgy of Vieuxtemps’ violin concerts.

Keywords: Henri Vieuxtemps, Art of the Violin, Violin Concerto, romanticism, musical drama, musical aesthetics, symphony, elements of symphonic development, concert form, virtuoso romantic style
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