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PHILHARMONICA. International Music Journal

On the issue of precision of musical expression

Panaiotidi El'vira Georgievna

Doctor of Philosophy

Professor, the department of General Humanitarian and Historical Sciences, North Ossetian State Pedagogical Institute

362003, Russia, Vladikavkaz, Marksa Street 36

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This article focuses on the concept of the American scholar Aaron Ridley, which in his opinion offers a convincing substantiation of the thesis that music is capable of expressing emotions with precision greater than that of words. The article analyzes the explication of the mechanism of musical expression of emotions that comprises the foundation of Ridley’s “weak” version of arousalism, in which the emotional response of the audience represents the constituting element of the emotional expression of the musical work. The examination of Ridley’s concept is preceded by a brief historical image of philosophical concepts, which contain implications for solution of the problem of precision of musical expression. The main method f research is the analysis and explication of the key notions and argumentative strategy lying at the foundation of Ridley’s concept. The issue of precision of musical expression is being examined using materials that are introduced for the first time into the Russian philosophy of art. The author draws a conclusion on the vulnerability of the approach proposed by Aaron Ridley within the framework of his concept of “weak” arousalism, according to which the precision of musical expression of emotion is achieved by particularization of the typical emotion expressed in music through the compassionate response from the recipient.

Keywords: exactness of musical expression, Aaron Ridley, weak arousalism, intentionality, melisma, sympathetic response, emotional expressivity, particularisation of emotion, affective community, perception of expressivity
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