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Global studies and evolutionary approach

Published in journal "SENTENTIA. European Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences", 2014-4 , pages -.

Resume: The present article examines the intense and clearly defined process of globalization of science, which is part of the global revolutionary transformation unfolding in all spheres of human activity. It scrutinizes the global trend of development of modern science, and particularly global studies. The latter focuses on the research on global processes and systems and the related systems synergetic phenomenon –the global development. This trend in global research results in the emergence of a specific form of the interdisciplinary scientific knowledge, which is termed as global knowledge. This type of knowledge «displays» all global processes and systems that exist and develop on the planet Earth, from the perspective of the planetary integrity and evolutionary significance.
Particular attention is paid to the methods and approaches used in global studies, i.e. evolutionary and interdisciplinary approaches and those related to spatial and temporal extension of the global research subject field.
There was made an attempt to apply the integrative scientific methods and concepts in order to drive the emergence of some new global research areas. The use of the evolutionary approach in global studies, which was recently proposed by the authors of this article, gave them an opportunity to give birth to the new research fields, such as paleoglobalistics, cosmoglobalistics, futuroglobalistics and other areas. So-called evolutionary global studies is supposed to develop in line with an interdisciplinary approach to the study of global processes and systems in their evolutionary aspect. Above all, this development will unfold on the basis of the global (universal) evolutionism findings. It is expected that there will come a new - "evolutionary" - stage of global knowledge development, which will, in its turn, constitute the main subject of global development studies.

Keywords: globalization, science, global studies, global knowledge, global development, global processes, evolution, evolutionary globalistics, evolutionary approach, futureglobalistics

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