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Legal Studies

S.S. Alekseev about systematization in law (in commemoration of the 90th Anniversary)

Kodan Sergei Vladimirovich

Doctor of Law

Professor, the department of Theory of State and Law, Merited Lawyer of the Russian Federation, Ural State Law Academy; Editor-in-Chief of the Scientific Journal “Genesis: Historical Studies”

620137, Russia, Sverdlvskaya oblast', g. Ekaterinburg, ul. Komsomol'skaya, 21, of. 210

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Abstract: The article considers S.S. Alekseev’s juridical ideas and studies his works. The main subject is Alekseev’s understanding of systematization of law. The author studies various notions developed by S.S. Alekseev, such as “codification”, “incorporation”, “consolidation”, etc. The article considers the Alekseev’s classification of varieties of ways and forms of systematization in law, its goals and social function. Alekseev’s approaches to the understanding of essential characteristics, forms, and types of systematization in law serve as a methodological base for this phenomenon study. They allow further studying of this subject both in theoretical and historical-juridical directions. The study of this sphere in the theory of law is of a big application-oriented meaning in the context of reforming and development of the modern Russian legislation. 

Keywords: jurisprudence, legal theory, systemity in law, systematization in law, forms of systematization of law, types of systematization, legislation incorporation , consolidation in law, codification in law, code of laws
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