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Lozhkovoy P.N. Status of information of state territory: international law issues

Published in journal "Space research", 2017-4 in rubric "Space Law", pages 262-272.

Resume: his article examines the international law aspects of remote probing of Earth from space. It is noted that the international law holds the generally accepted principle of territorial supremacy of state, but there is no legal status on information about the territory. The author believes that information about the territory carries the same status as the ter-ritory itself and that the state has the same full rights with regards to the information as it has over its territory. Attention is given to examination of the issue of control over the propriety in form of information. It is summarized that the state has legal right to restrict spread of information about itself and such right, being a complex one, gives the state ability to control the information. A claim is made that the existing contradictions between the countries can be resolved through signing international treaties with participation of interested parties.

Keywords: state territory, information about the territory, territorial supremacy, sovereignty of the state, international justice, remote sensing, satellite data, international organizations, space law, international law

DOI: 10.7256/.2017.4.24426

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