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Danilova O.V. Theatrical existentialism of Marty Clément (Bartabas): fiction or philosophical view of the contemporary production director

Published in journal "Philosophy and Culture", 2017-1 in rubric "Meaning and silence", pages 67-76.

Resume: The subject of this research is the nontraditional theatrical-staged form of production of the spectacles of the French equestrian theatre Zingaro. Its originality consists in the fact that psychedelic distraction from one realty forms a different atmospheric-association reality. This happens through the creation of audiovisual plastic-demonstrative mises-en-scène (placing on stage), which do not have a direct cause-and-effect relation, as it is common to the traditional production. The logic of narration of the plot is formed by the virtue of theoretical sequence of the precisely selected associations, caused by the action-plastic character of structuring the mises-en-scène. Namely them provide an opportunity for this demonstrative-staged theatrical form to transform the Reality. Such transformation changes the perception itself. This is a philosophical-psychological theatre. During the demonstration of Zingaro perforamces emerges a steady (associative) connection with subconsciousness of a spectator, which uses the potential of human mind to finishing (gestalt) of the incomplete images, theoretically shapes the chain of storyline and action collisions (mises-en-scène) into a certain logically proven notional concept that forms the imagery-artistic wholeness (completion) of a theatrical oeuvre and the corresponding structure (sequence) of its perception. It would be appropriate to pursue analogy with teleportation (in sense of the form of certain psychological effect), which serves as a conductor into the world of recalls. Thus, the audience is able to journey into the psycho-emotional essence of the imaginary reality. The Reality is viewed through the projection of existence in a completely new, and earlier uncharacteristic to it, perspective.

Keywords: Archetype model, Religious existentialism, Theatrical performance, Situational-action modulation, Existential-psychoemotional abstraction, Demonstrative-action line , Imagery-conceptual context, Atmospheric-associative reality, Dramaturgical modelling of associations, Staged-demonstrative form

DOI: 10.7256/1999-2793.2017.1.21326


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