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Gurevich P.S. Nietzsche about the lust for power

Published in journal "Philosophy and Culture", 2017-1 in rubric "Editor-in-Chief's column", pages 11-14.

Resume: This article is dedicated to analysis of the phenomenon of power and lust for power in F. Nietzsche philosophical heritage. The German thinker spoke from the perspective of the philosophy of life. He believed that the excessive dedication to rationality has hurt the European humanity. Representative of this direction attempted to understand life from itself. They advocated on the side of feelings and instinct. Nietzsche wanted to make his book Will to Power a programmatic work. But he left just a number of notes and aphorisms, which formed in the course of preparation of the book to completion. However, the combination of sparse notes reveals an explicit cognition of such complicated phenomenon as power. All of the existing human knowledge as a whole is the determination of will to power. The article is firs within the Russian philosophical literature to make an attempt of interpretation of Nietzsches views upon power in form of a specific field of his heritage. Nietzsche claimed that will to power can be examines as human basic instinct, but at the same time was looking for opportunity to explain the lust for power as a need, feeling, and passion. In philosophers interpretation of passion, we can notice strive for differentiation of this phenomenon from instinct. Interpretation of the tyranny of spirit particularized, and as a final accord of this reasoning about power, Nietzsche names it a demon. It is the universal passion that used by the politicians for consolidation of despotism. The article presents a distinct phenomenology of power.

Keywords: Punishment , Subordination, Domination, Tyranny of spirit, Demonism, Feeling, Passion, Lust for power, Instinct, Power

DOI: 10.7256/1999-2793.2017.1.21687


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