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Gladkov I.A. New technologies of aircrafts flight parameters measurement in a non-query mode

Published in journal "Space research", 2017-1 in rubric "Science, Engineering and Design of Spaceflight", pages 17-27.

Resume: The author develops the theory elements and the methods of measurement data presentation and the definition of the flight parameters of launch and space vehicles. The research subject is the system of trajectory measurements, defining the flight parameters of aircrafts in a non-query mode during the rocket and space machinery units field testing. The parameters of a signal, received from the on-board transmitter, are functionally connected with the objects flight parameters. This connection is expressed as the Doppler frequency shift and used for the measurement of orbits of spacecrafts and other flying objects. Besides, the received signal bears the information about the distance to the object, which can be calculated using the signal lag, proportional to the radio-wave transmission time. The purpose of the study is to define the conditions for the extension of a spacecraft state vector and the distance measurement in a non-query mode. To accomplish this task, the author applies the modernized morphological analysis as a basis for the generation of new ideas, the formation of the system of models and the search for patterns via the systematized generalization of knowledge on different levels, and the system and structural-functional approaches. The author uses the methods of linear algebra, mathematical modeling of stochastic processes and computer methods of measurement data processing. The author solves the practically important problem of increase of flight parameters defining accuracy via the non-query method using additional measurement functions. The analysis shows that the application of the state vector extension theory allows not only increasing the validity of the analysis of flight parameters of the tested aircrafts, but also reducing the number of test launches during the rocket and space units field testing.

Keywords: Confusion matrix, Phase methods, Doppler systems, least squares method, Information-measuring system, Flight characteristics, Rocket and space machinery, Inverse matrix, Partial derivative matrix, Information processing

DOI: 10.7256/2453-8817.2017.1.21576

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